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Argie Tickled On The Gym

Added: 2016-09-23

If you love male foot tickling, you’re going to love this one! Cute Asian boy Argie comes by for a gym workout with his trainer. The gym trainer convinces Argie that he must be secured to the gym for this vigorous leg workout. Argie questions why he must be immobilized on the gym. The trainer takes off one of his shoes and Argie starts to understand what the trainer is going to do to him. He is worried because he has very ticklish feet. Ricky begins to tickle his foot with the white socks on, and gets an incredible ticklish reaction. Then the trainer slips his sock off and delights in Argies very ticklish Asian male feet. It’s not long before the other shoe and sock comes off and Ricky is scribbling and tickling with his fingernails all over Argies super smooth ticklish soles. Then Ricky gets the feathers and flickers them all over Argies male soles. Argie is about to crawl from of his skin and the relentless tickling goes on non-stop for 16 full minutes.